Cenergim ecosystem consists of vetted firms providing specialized services and solutions in one or multiple fields related to technology innovation. Collectively, their services span the entire innovation value-chain from ideation to solution delivery. We refer to the members of our community as “Innovators” as they provide innovative solutions that help technology innovators solve their complex challenges, co-innovate new products or solutions, or even deliver breakthrough business outcomes. 
Cenergim assembles and manages private ecosystems for each customer challenge by selecting and inviting Innovators from its ecosystem, and orchestrates all activities among its members to develop and deliver end-to-end solutions and/or outcomes to its clients—“Challengers.”

Start Ups

Original thinkers, inventors, and pioneers who generate novel
ideas, methods, processes,
or solutions.


Domain experts, consultants
and problem-solvers who have expertise in solving complex business challenges.


Firms specializing in creative, content, media, digital marketing, marketing operations, and other innovation-related services.


Technology service and solution providers providing applications,
automation solutions, data and analytics tools, and services.


Join our community and make a ding in this world.

Tackle new challenges and co-create new & innovative solutions
Produce breakthrough results and make a difference
Help grow the community and get rewarded through revenue sharing
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Increase Revenues & Grow Faster

Add new sources of income and
accelerate time-to-revenue

Reduce Costs

Reduce your marketing and sales
costs and improve your margins

Improve Brand Exposure & Equity

Be recognized as an expert and
a star in the industry


Join The Community

Joining our Innovator community to solve challenges requires a diligent screening process to ensure that we provide the best service to our Challengers. We look for innovators with deep domain expertise, strong teamwork and customer service orientation.

Get Invited

As a member of the community you will be invited to selectively participate in the challenges that we receive. Depending on your capabilities you may be asked to provide ideas, complete one or more of the challenge milestones, or solve the entire challenge.

Accept The Challenge

Once invited you can accept or decline the challenge. For standard challenges, you can only accept the fixed reward offered. However, for managed challenges, you may be asked to bid for specific parts of the challenge.

Join The Challenge

Upon the Challenger approval you will receive a Challenge Agreement to execute. This agreement outlines the challenge specific terms and strict guidelines that you will need to follow to solve the challenge and receive the reward.

Co-Innovate & Deliver

Depending on the scope of the challenge you may independently work with the challenger, or join an agile team working on a major client initiative designed around achieving a specific business outcome.

Receive The Reward

Based on the terms agreed to in the Challenge Agreement escrow will pay the reward in installments or in a lump sum amount.

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