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Innovation is a risky, messy, and complex endeavor that is like solving a mystery to many inventors. Cenergim platform was designed to eliminate this complexity by integrating and simplifying the capabilities of open innovation and co-creation platforms and providing a tailored solution that enables co-innovation with an expert ecosystem. A simple and easy-to-use interface allows you to discreetly submit challenges on our platform and let hand-picked co-innovators solve them for you.

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Painless Growth

The sharing economy has enabled network orchestrators to unleash massive values trapped in underutilized assets, hidden networks and human-clouds. Cenergim amplifies that by helping innovators create and capture new value by co-creating with a robust innovation ecosystem. Now, you can quickly set up your own private ecosystem and painlessly solve pesky challenges that rub you from the growth outcomes that you seek.


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These services are provided by Cenergim Managed Services Team and Innovators as fee-based services for Standard and Managed Challenges. Depending on the Challengers’ needs, the level of complexity of the challenge, and the level of expertise or specialization required to properly analyze and define a challenge that can be solved by Innovators at an optimum Reward Amount, Cenergim may recommend one of the following packages:








These services are provided through a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will act as a consultant and project manager to ensure that all challenge milestones are successfully completed and meet the contractual agreements. The Customer Success Manager will review the work delivered by the Innovators and if needed will work with them to ensure the requirements are properly met prior to the approval process. The fee for this service is the lower amount of $2,000 or 5% of the challenge amount (maximum amount of $5,000) and is added to the Reward Amount.